To all the women in my life!

First was my Momom.

We share a special connection.

She saw me before anybody else saw me.

When I was given birth to!

Same time as the Doctor!

Momom handed me to my Mom who was in tears.

Momom was always good to me!

I love you Momom, I miss all the dinners and family time we spent with you and Popop.

On My Dad’s side, My Grandmom.

She made diner for me and my Sister and My Dad.

Every Sunday.

I used to love coming over to play all day there and help feed chipper the squirrel when he came around.

….and yes, I love Honey Comb Cereal because we had it for breakfast at Grandmom’s house every Sunday!

I miss You Both!

Next is my Mom, whether she is helping me with my mental disabilities and encouraging my art.

She encourages my weight lifting and Karate that I still do today!

I would not have completed college without my Mom!

Thanks Mom!

You helped me get there!

My sister’s Rochelle and Stephanie.

We always have a great time hanging out!

…and even though you are Moms now you are still as gorgeous and fun as ever!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

But who could forget, our animals.

Cats, Samantha and Penelope and Piper, My Daughter Cat.

My you rest in peace Piper the Ninja cat!

Who could forget Tiffany!

You were always happy to see me!


Pet Me Brother!

You lived to be 20 people years old!

84 in cat years!


Of Course, The Beautiful Princess Herself……PRINCESS PHOEBE!!!!!!

You were a bottomless pit of love!

We couldn’t even go to the mailbox without you!

I still miss you helping Steve, your people Daddie take out the recycling.

Cutest thing ever!!!!!

You would be so excited!

Then, as soon as you got back, you leaped into Mommie’s lap and was like “MOMMIE, WE DID IT!


Cutest Miniature Schnauzer Dog Ever!

Raised by Big Ben the Rotweller!

Your Doggy Daddy!

I miss you guys!

So to all the women of my life…..


I would not be here without all of you!!!!!!!

A – Men!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2021

How falling in love with celebrities leads to disappointment and keeping up with entertainment news is virtually impossible!

So, I remember, in 2004, I was 21, working a shit job.

I start watching this show Veronica Mars.

I liked it a little.

I go and get a magazine with star Kristen Bell on the cover.

The interview strikes my fancy.

So I think I am in love.

Then, after her overexposure by E! News and Entertainment Tonight.

I am like, Go the fuck away!

I then realized I never really looked at her.

I liked the show and thought I liked her.

Total illusion.

She wasn’t even my type to be honest.

I was simply brainwashed by the media.

How the fuck did this happen?

Well, look at the facts, in 1995, it was very difficult to get famous.

However, if you did, fame and fortune followed!

Rock Bands were begging to get signed if they did not live in LA and did not play Rap Metal.

Celebrities would never dare bash one another.

Doing so would end your career.

Fast Forward to 2019,

Reality Television and online video services open up the flood gates of entertainment.

Fame becomes worth less and less.

and, in the music business, a record deal no longer meant millions of dollars.

Napster destroys CD Sales and youtube kills concert ticket sales outside of hardcore fans for years.

It was not until Facebook and Twitter that people began going back to

concerts because the rock stars would go online and talk to fans!

They make friends with celebrities and rock stars!

Something impossible in the 90s!


So what happened was, magazines became less and less able to interview everyone!

There was simply too many stars!

I mean, common, 4,000 cable channels across over 50 services.

Some are even free if you get an amazon fire stick and internet connection.

So staying famous is even harder.

So what do you do to pay the bills and also get that movie part.

You trash other celebrities in interviews and say, He is racist, they’re fake,

he used to do porn, she used to be a hooker!

Just being an asshole to get that paid interview and score another movie part!

So falling in love with celebrities for some is impossible because

they are obnoxious, or….they are fucking everywhere!!!!!!!

So if you hate your job and dream of moving to Hollywood and becoming a screenwriter or director.

Marrying a celebrity becomes part of said dream.

‘Till that rock star marries a surgically enhanced stripper or that girl marries

the biggest deuschbag in Hollywood!

Your heart is now broken and reality sets in!

Plus, you read that magazine, and ten minutes later, that celebrity is obsolete.

Some idiot made a youtube video where he dances in his

underwear going “I am a rock star…DOOOO! DOOOOO! DOOO!!!”

So it goes viral cause he is completely out of shape and thinks he is a stripper.

Suddenly, Megan Fox and Ashton Kutcher and Gwen Stefani are irrevelant this week.

‘Till their next scandal.

Then, you look at the news and realize there is more celebrities and Hollywood

news than is virtually possible to keep up with!

I don’t know, I would rather work out and go for walks and read and work on my art career.

…and when I do read magazines it is usually a comic book or an animation magazine or music magazine.

I don’t try to keep up.

So when I do buy one….it is usually just one!

I don’t spend my whole bank account keeping up with Hollywood.

Now, I do feel for people who feel it is their life.

Celebrities are an infestation on tv and at the supermarket check out line.

Every magazine, every website.

You can’t even buy a fuckin’ gallon of milk without hearing what Blake Shelton said on tv last week.

Plus, for people like you and me, jobs don’t pay well.

You went to college for a graphic design or engineering degree and

nobody will hire you because you are not related to the city architect

or owner of that advertising firm.

So people deliver food and work construction and load trucks.

This wasn’t why we went to college….but we have student loans!

So we have to do it ’till they are paid off and we can go look for

work in our chosen filed when we quit our second job and have more

time because our debt is paid off.

You are so happy.

I only have to work 30 hours a week instead of 70.

You crack open a beer, turn on the tv. What is on?….YOUNG HOLLYWOOD ON EVERY CHANNEL!


Where businessmen won’t hire anybody except their own spoiled brat kids who won’t do their jobs!

So they assume everybody else is exactly like them because most

corporate offices are in California and those dolts don’t know

what goes on outside of California.

So they assume everybody is a rich executive and nobody can possibly be poor.

Aggravating isn’t it?

There is a cure.

Stick to shows YOU LIKE!

Don’t watch anything you think you are SUPPOSED to watch.

Read only magazines YOU LIKE!

Don’t try to keep up with the entertainment news!

It’s impossible.

Just watch news you like!

….and remember, that male rocker or actress got married for publicity.

They will be divorced an one of the spouses in said marriage will be paying alimony forever!

Britanny Spears and Kevin Federline anyone?

Belive me, I used to get furious with these arrogant business people

and performers mocking anyone who isn’t them!

If it is any consolation!

They don’t look like that without the steroids or makeup or plastic surgery and heightening shoes!

It’s all fake folks!

When I go to the gym, I ingore the tv near the weight machines, barbells and etc.

I just concentrate on pumping weights.

I don’t even notice the magazines at the supermarket anymore.

Hang in there world!

Things will get better with the economy!

It has to or businesses will have no money to stay open.

So they will have to start paying more and treating people better or the executives will starve too!

….and celebrities….don’t believe a word of that magazine interview.

Most celebrities admit the editor of that book manipulated or

completely changed what they said in that interview!

Hollywood is a fake place!

Don’t fall in love with it!

Your heart will get broken!

I moved on from that trap!

You can do it too!

Go for it!

….and, as always….ROCK ON!!!!!!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2021

Why some distractions can’t be ignored during the creative process!

You get in the zone.

Your Mom or spouse asks you to take out the garbage.

The bubble bursts and you remember that you exist in the real world.

Gotta take out the garbage folks!

OR for you parents out there.

You got that poem or lyric sheet almost done.

Your kid bonked his head at school and he is like 9 and a half.

So you get off the computer, put down the pen and hustle

over there to make sure they are okay.

Imagination is a gift.

But you cannot ignore real life!

Our loved ones need us just like like jobs folks!

Because fantasy is based on reality no matter how loosely.

God Bless it too!


Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 01 / 23 / 2021

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2021

So what the fuck is this? Read to the end!!!

Don’t Kill Me,

Annihilate, Destroy, Massacre.

Two Gladiators enter the arena.

One must live, but not both of them.

See the violence, hear the screams of agony.

All to entertain an audience.

Cause out of these guys, someone ain’t coming’ home!

So, this is something I thought up years ago.

for those who don’t know, I pump weights and do karate

and have done so most of my life.

At the gym, I used to get offers to go to wrestling school and become

a wrestler by local promoters.

A friend of mine, that used to wrestle for a living

who will remain nameless out of respect for our community at the YMCA,

convinced me to take my ideas for wrestling and make stories out of them instead.

He knew I was in college for art.

Everybody at the Y knew.

So I had an idea.




I want to do a comic book of it.

Working on that still.

What you read up top was sort of haiku and sort of poetry.

Sorry folks, I am a poet and artist and writer.

I don’t work for CZW or RING OF HONOR WRESTLING.

Don’t know if Wrestling school was for me but when a professional

tells you that you are too nice a kid for the business.

You listen!

I got told the same thing by artists at Comic Con.

You know, the comic book convention circuit

America and it’s Television are nuts over!

So this idea floated around in my head for years.

I am gonna do graphics for it in the near future.

This was something I did in my huge sketchbook of ideas.

Hope you enjoyed it!

and, as always, …..ROCK ON!!!!

This story is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2021

Xtreme Wreslting Organization / XWO and all like characters and

properties are Copyright and TRADEMARK: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2021


So let me say something about restaurants.

These fancy ones, they’re like fuckin’ Doctor’s Offices!

You get there and place your order, three hours later you just finished your iced tea.

Cause wit me, I know this place ain’t cheap. So I milk the Hell out of the thing!

Thinking I’ll save it for when my dinner arrives.

The girl comes out and says “I’m sorry sir, we don’t have that kind of steak.”




Then, there is the fast food places.

I go to Chick Fil A, I hear somebody “LIBBIDY BUPITY BOO!”

I scream ENGLISH!!!!

The girl says over the drive through intercom “I’m sorry Mister,

that was Jimmy screaming cause burnt his finger in

the deep fryer. We did an internet challenge!”

I scream, call an ambulance!

She says they just did and ask me what I want.

My sanity, I wan’t my sanity back!

Internet Challenge, where do they find these people?

Then, I go to Popeyes, I get a chicken sandwich.

I see some nut eyeball me as I leave, he points a

gun at me, I say “what do you want money?”

He says he wants my sandwich.

As I go to my car glad I still have my wallet some guy

says “Thank God you did not get two chicken sandwiches! Some guy

got stabbed over that….by like five people!”

I’m like, ain’t one enough to take the Sandwhich?

He says “Well, the gang that took them thought he had

got fries with it.”

So the next day, I am at the farm market, My Mom wants to

make chicken and potato roast with veggies.

I see my friend TINA at the counter.

I say, “TINA what’s shakin?”

She says “Who the fuck are you?”

…and I have been a customer there several times a week for two years!

Next time, I’m gonna start cooking off food network!

At least Emril doesn’t take three hours!

Thanks, you guys are the best!

…and as always……


Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 12 / 30 / 2020

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020


So I went for a whistful Christmas Walk.

Decorations all over the place.

This one house had a white, set of lights all over the front gate in front of the house.

So I went home and did this piece on my computer of a red headed angelic

warrior about to enter Heaven’s Gate.

Hence the title!

you cannot see her face cause this is a back shot.

So you are looking the back of her head!

The stairs and lights are a blueish white for glow.

It is Heaven after all!

I did some digital airbrushing too!


This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020


When you and your siblings are too old to exchange Holiday Presents but you

still give to the nephew and nieces.

Yet, you still wanna show your sibling you care!

What do you do?

You WRITE a Present!

Here Goes!

So there we were, Me and Rochelle.

It was 1990, our Mom and Dad got divorced.

Next thing you know, Mom is remarried to

a new guy and his two kids.

Steve Jr. and Stephanie

It was rough at first, a new family.

But, years after high school, things changed.

Rochelle gave birth to Kendra Rush.

My Beautiful Niece!

Stephanie had Rae Lynn after Marrying Howard Cusick.

7 years later, she gave birth to their second child, Ryan John.

Also gorgeous kids!

We used to play for hours when they were little.

Uncle Ryan was their hero!

My Dad had since passed away from Cancer.

Kendra lost her Grandfather.

But we will meet him again!

He is so proud!

We all have come so far!

I went to art , writing and public speaking school!

10 + years of higher education!

Stephanie is raising her kids and helping her husband

with errands while he is fighting fires.

Believe me, raising two kids in this modern world Is no

picknick! If you don’t believe me, You can watch all

three of the kids by yourself!

I suspect a call an hour later from you!


Seriously, though, they are GREAT kids!

Rochelle has become a bank manager, after spending a looong time as a fashion manger!

Stevie follows his interests when not at work!

Me, I have my art career!

Life is good!

Then, of course, there is my Boy since 8th grade!

The Man Himself, Mike Campos!

We have had so many adventures as best friends.

Playing Cards at the mall, Philies games and Hershey Park among others!

I remember, every time Mike and his Dad, Miguel Sr. and

I went to Sunday Phillies games, there was a guy

with a will work for food sign.

One week, the weather was great!

He was gone!

We were like “Maybe he is on vacation!”

We still talk about that brilliant joke.

I have since spent many dinners and birthdays with Mike’s Family!

His Mom, Donna Campos, Brother David Campos and Dan “HULK” Campos!

Owner of Dan Campos Fitness!

A growing company!

So many blessed things happened!

So to you all, this is your present!

Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas!

I love you all!

Happy Holidays!!!!!


Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: December 8th, 2020

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020

Why art is art and not just what the entertainment business says is important! It is not just about money and definitely not about fame! Here is why!!!

So, I have a statement to make.When musicians in bands or solo

performances use a violin or bongo drums and a magazine says that is not


Ignore that bullshit!

Musicians are out to make music.

Yes, some

mainstream celebrities bark about how this isn’t

metal or this isn;t metal or

keyboards don’t belong in Metal.

It’s garbage!

They are full of shit and these

executives at record companies just wanna

make money! You enjoyed the

song didn’t you? So obviously, you

have a duty to respect the instruments

musicians play in order to appreciate them and their music.

So if they play a

bongo or sitar….cheer like you normally do!

Musicians don’t just play what is


Metal is not just guitars and drums and bass.


instruments have a place in all musical art forms!

It’s like when a comic

book illustrator uses a conte crayon or paint or charcoal to do a piece.


kids online ask what kind of pencil it is!

Because they were taught by

publishers that you only should use a pencil or ink brush!


Conte Crayon, Charcoal, Chalk, Paint, Clay…’s all art!….and artists

create ART!

Not just what Marvel comics says to use or do!

So remember,

everything a musician uses and plays…as long as they are true to

themselves and their music….and they are not just out for fame….Guess


They are musicians and are out to play music!

An artist is out to

create art!

Just because it is not a comic book page does not mean that a

chalk painting does not tell a story!


So the

entertainment business can stick it!



…and… always……


This Was Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020

Completed on Friday The 13th, November 2020

This Is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020


So, this came about.

One day, I saw that an old Kiss Comic

Book from the 60’s sold for 10,000 bucks!

When my friend Pete saw the cover for the link

I sent him as he is a Kiss Fan,

he said “Did You Draw That?”

I am like “Well, no.”

So I thought, Soon as I wake up bored

one day, I am doing a Kiss piece.

So I did thumbnail and layout sketches for two hours.

Another two and a half hours were

spent roughing out the drawing in

Prisma Col Erase Orange Pencil and

then going over the lines in Graphite

Wooden Pencils and the faces were done

in Papermate Clear Point Mechanical Pencils.

Animators rough out their drawings in colored

pencils and then go over the roughed out

lines with sharper lines in graphite.

This way, you have to sort of ink the

lines you want to show.

The darker the Graphite lines, the more

the colored pencil lines fade.

This was drawn on 11 x 17 comic book

illustration board.

Heavy Card.

This was Illustrated By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020