Is all this truly living?!

So, they say technology brings us closer together.

Here is how I feel!

Nobody sends you a post card or calls you to say “guess where I am calling you from?….a fuckin’ limousine !”

They just text you a photo and silly caption.

Nobody wants to go to movies exacept me and my circle of friends!

The mall
Is a
Ghost town.

I love the mall!

People don’t wanna walk around wal mart and have fun.

Online buying is everyone’s choice.

I only
Buy online if I can’t get it anywhere else.

It happens more and more now.

Nobody wants to come over each other’s house or go to a concert.

They watch the show on the tv YouTube app and text each other.

Nobody wants to talk to you on the bus or supermarket check out line.

People date online too!

I won’t do it!

I don’t know who the fuck is really talking to me on the screen!

It’s just words!

People won’t even go to wawa themselves. They call Uber eats to do it for them!

I love to go to wal mart and wawa and the amc theaters!

I get overjoyed!



And No one gets excited about leaving the house for fun!

Granted, most
Of my new friends I met online.

We stayed alive during the pandemic with social networking.

But I still love malls and amc theaters and stores and a public gym.

Common world! The pandemic is over!

Get vaccinated and see what you don’t have to wait in line for anymore!!!!

Let’s all go see the movie in person!

You can dooo eeiiiiit!!!!

…and, as always….ROCK ON!!!!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 11 / 30 / 2022

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2022


I Am Leaving The Past For My Present!

To anyone who goes to art , writing, acting or music school!

know three things.

  1. Everyone tells you you are wasting your life except your Mom.
  2. Most people won’t think you are talented. Teachers included. They expect all students to make the same art or music style and if one person is different they tell the dean you are not talented enough for their class. However, always remember, that the new teacher they assign you to….may become a friend as they know what talent is much better than the fraud teacher who kicked you out of her class. Just because you sing a different song does not mean you can’t sing….quite the opposite.
  3. You post a poem online, you include a picture to attract people to you work….they say “That is a nice picture”, click like and never read your stuff. Most people just click like as a reflex and never even care other than the picture.

It is like Rock Star Marq Jarmuzek told me the first day I met him online. ” 1 Fan has the power of a thousand.”

So many people will tell you to get a better paying job.

There are two jobs in this country that pay well.

  1. Cyber Security Engineer.
  2. Quantum Physics Programmers. Or “QUANT”

Their job is to write apps to stick in the Nasdaq to predict the value of stock quotes before people buy them.

2% of the world has the skill to get a degree in this and get a good job!

Why is it so hard to become a quant when so few people can do it?

BUCKS COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE has the best Mathmatical Engineering Degree Program in the Country that there is!

Few people can finish the degree… is that hard!!!

That is why once you get the degree and put together a good enough portfolio, the job is then easy to get….because 1% of the world can do that job!

Few people graduate from bucks with that kind of degree….they try though!

2 out of the 200 people who enter that program finish it.

That is the REAL reason it pays so well.

What does this mean for you?

Since it is so hard to make money in ANYTHING!

You get to choose whatever you want.

May as well do what you love as long as you can pay your mortgage or rent and eat and cloth yourself right?

Just because you hate your job….does not mean you will succeed at that!

Jim Carey’s Father Was an accountant who wanted to be a famous Jazz Musician.

He stayed with accounting for the job security….and was laid off a month later!

It wasn’t till his Son Jim Carey did IN LIVING COLOR that Jim could buy his folks a house so they did not have to live in their car anymore.


So do what YOU wanna do!

There are no guarantees in the work world anymore.

Do what you wanna do.

I told my Mom today I wanted to shoot my ex boss and take over the boat store.

She is like, you are an artist, be an artist!

She is right!

Besides, West Marine will be out of business as a corporation by February. Their no hassle return policy ruined them! They will take anything back without a receipt. The last shop closing is in January.

So Long Worst Marine….you are about to close up shop for good….good riddance that is!

I am moving on as of now!

Thanks to My Mom Bonnie Ilene for inspiring me to appreciate me!

Love you Momma!

If the Aliens Landed in America! ……

Ric Frasier is walking out on the road behind his house to enjoy the fall weather. The smell of the air was true fall.

Suddenly, a light appears from above.

A big round object lands.

The door lowers, a green light emanates.

Three tall, men glowing of green energy come out.

One of them speaks.

Hello Mr. Ric.

He asks how they know his name.

Our technology can find out about anything or anyone.

Ric: So what do you want with me?

We wanna join you on your stroll and learn more about life in America….even our computers cannot tell what you Earthlings think of it here.

Ric: Okay.

The walk down the road., The aliens smell the air and compliment Ric on the smell of his planet’s fall air.

They ask him about the colleges and the education.

He says he liked college but hated the damn foreigners always interrupting the teachers when he was trying to pay attention.

Aliens: Why do they interrupt?

Ric: They say their English is no good.

Aliens: How do they get accepted into your institution then?

Ric: Financial aid pays for it…..they don’t even have to pay it back….but we Americans do!

Aliens: But what about the teror people and war mongers?

Ric: They get accepted too!

Aliens: Won’t they use that knowledge against you?

Ric: The President =says it is racist not to accept them.

Aliens: But, you are all the same race….the human race!

Ric: Yeah, but Oprah and that Maury Povich say differently.

Aliens: …and your people believe that over their education?

Ric: Yeah, people can be dumb sometimes.

The Aliens then shake Ric’s hand!

Aleins: Well, Mr Ric Frasier We will be honest, we were going to invade your planet but it looks like you people won’t have much money or resources left. Especially, if people see each other as different races instead of realizing that you all come from the same place…Earth!

Aliens: We just cannot see why your Government and television programming would teach people on the same planet to hate each other. It boggles our minds.

Ric: Yeah, I voted for Jesse Ventura.

Ric: People told me I threw my vote away.

Aliens: As long as you believe in the leader…it was a wise decision.

Well, Ric, we have to go. But, we wanted to tell you, we put a billion of your American dollars into your account at what you call the “BANK.” as a thank you for not being afraid of us. This walk was a true joy. We have to go now.

Ric: Happy Thanksgiving!

Aliens: Same to you friend!

The aliens get into their ship and it flies away.

RIc: Nice guys, Thank God they didn’t invade!

Ric, I can’t wait to tell my wife we can now pay off the house, we almost went broke!

Ric: But how the Hell am I gonna prove to her we got the billion dollars legally?

Ric looks in his pocket and realizes he won the Powerball.


Meanwhile, on Planet, Vucha, the leader has met with the three soldiers.

Leader: So what do you think, will this be hard?

Aliens: We met with a human, he says the humans teach their enemies and citizens to war with each other. They even believe they are of different races just because they live in different places. They also educate their enemies to annihilate them at no cost to them.

Leader: Why do they do this?

Aliens: They watch too much of their television. It is 50% of their education.

Aliens: They even give their enemies free money through what they call “welfare.”

Leader: Blast it….they are depleting their own resources. I see there is no reason to invade as there is nothing left to seize. Let the fools kill each other.

Aliens: But first, let us anal probe this MAURY POVICH person.

Leader: I want to see what techniques he uses to brainwash the Americans.


Is this what we have come to?

Sorry my American fellows… is true!

The Aliens won’t even invade cause there is not much to take accept hate and branwashing.


…and…as always…Rock On!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 11 / 23 / 2022

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2022

Tragedies. ….and how Corporate America and Hollywood think they are The Ultimate Warrior and Wonder Woman because of them!

So you are on a plane ride. Lunch sucked. $150.00 for a stale turkey sandwich and bad coffee, Then, you ring the bell for your complimentary potato chips and soda. The stewardess says “That will be sixteen fifty!” You go ” WTF? Sixteen fifty for free items.” She goes “What do you mean free?” I told her they were free when I last rode a plane 20 years ago. She says it is because of 911. I said, 911 was a year old when I rode a plain 20 years ago and chips and sprite was free then! What exactly are you losing your money on?! She say thats the policy take it or leave it. I throw the chips back at her….stick this shit up your ass…I don’t want it!

Then, the fucking hospitals! You spend 8 days there….and get a bill for half a million dollars! You phone the President of the hospital. You ask WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?! He says well you flushed the toilet 20 times in 8 days. I said, ARE YOU SERIOUS!? What did you charge me to wipe my ass?….he said 20 cents a ply! I told him it used to be free you rat bastard. I already paid 250 for the procedure and meds.

Your an asshole and I ain’t never using your facility again and hang up saying fuck you!!!!

Then I get a letter saying that because of The Corona Pandemic it is now a million dollar bill!

So why do they use this tactic….because people feel better getting ripped off if it is because of a crisis.

It’s like the restauraunts now use cheaper food ingredients….what do they blame?! The price of gas!

Gas prices and such have been sky high since Bubba left office in 2001.

Say what you will about bubba……the world was in great shape when he ran things!

Companies use tragedies as an excuse to rip people off.

Then, in Los Angeles, celebrities use any inconvienence in their life as a goldmine.

Every rapper, Yo, don’t fuck with me…I from Detroit, I from Harlem, I form Philly!

Well, you could be from Phelujah….doesn’t mean you can whoop me!

Meanwhile, most of them grew up in Beverly Hills, are Gay,,,,and can’t fight to save their lives!

Then, the actresses. I go on Facebook and click like on the movie “JUPITER ASCENDING” a romeo and juliet style movies guys actually like as much as girls. Action, sexual inuado….now everyone likes it!

Soon as I log on 24 hours later…..every other post is a Mila Kunis Fan Page!

So I see and am like, wow she is a cutie. Wonder if she is nice and real life!

Then, she goes on Howard Stern. She does nothing but complain for two hours how she was a poor immigrant. The staff members on their microphones sympathize and tell her they understand and she tells them they don’t cause she had it worse.

You know what she just did? Made all of us guy fans never want to see her in a movie again!

If she acts like a bitch, our image of her is ruined and now, unless it is the best movie ever…I neeeeveeer want to see it if she is in it!

What’s the best thing you can do?…..less interviews!

The less we know the more we like you!

That is how hollywood used to work.

But now everyone is like, I was inconvienced….I’m a badass!

Well, if you whine about it on every talk show….you know what you are….a cry baby!

Then, the incident in Ukraine recently, Where Mila is from.

Now, every comedian who looks like Mila Kunis is making Ukraine jokes saying she is from Ukraine!

Hello! nobody wants a whiner!

Make us entertained not lectured!

People just think being trajic is heroic….it isnt!

It awards sympathy and understanding…..but it does not make you the UFC Champ!

Got new for you all….it’s 2022….the economy is worse than ever! The Whole World is poor!

People are dying….don’t rub your shit on us!

Tragedy is not license to be an asshole!

Don’t rip us off….don’t be a fake badass!

Grow up Califronia!

Where most corporate headquarters are located!

Enough already!

….and….as always…ROCK ON!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: October 20th, 2022

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2022

Attention Fellow Creatives! The Media Lies To You Every Minute!

So your online.

You go on social netwokring.

50% of what you see is this girl’s band got another award.

Another Dude got an Eisner Award for his comic book!

Everyone is successful…..everyone is married and wealthy!

Then, the interviews.

Celebrity says all it takes is hard work and a dream.

The Filmmaker says it is because they are “DRIVEN TO SUCCEED” and “FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION FOR THEM!”


99^ of the creative community works shitty, low paying jobs despite their degrees in sound engineering, journalism, graphic design, etc.

Yes, some of them succeed overnight!

There is no award winning formula for that!

Either they had rich parents who know record label or publisher people OR it was pure luck! A half starved artist or rock band or writer walks into the right person and BAM! Millions of dollars!


The reality is most people do their art or writing or music in their free time with the goal to do this for a living.

Sometimes it works….but most of the time it is because we have to do it because we were born to do!

So remember when you see all these people with their hit comic book or hanging out at some acting or music festival awards show etc.

Remember, if nobody discovers you….all the hard work in the world is just a labor of love!

We do it because it is who we are.

OF course you want to make it your lviing!

We all do!

But that person on tv or online who says it was all risks and hard work!

They are full of shit!

Hard work is 50% of it!

The other 70 % …..somebody discovered your talent!

That’s what G4 and VH1 never tell you!

If you write every day… are a writer!

If you pursue your singing….you are a singer!

If you draw or design every day…..YOU ARE AN ARTIST!


Never let an arrogant Hollywood type tell you that your reason for not succedding is a lack of hard work!

Because you know what, most of them end up ending their life saying “Hi, welcome to wendy’s what is your order?”

Fame is fake!

Any real artists will tell you, as long as you make the art and show it to people… are an artist.

Regardless if you write or paint or make music!

If people like your stuff……..your a rockstar!

In any creative field!

….and….as always….ROCK ON!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 09 / 25 / 2022

This is Copyright:: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2022

Big Brother May Be Watching You….But Sometimes He Gets The Wrong Idea!

So, I am coming home from somewhere in the car. My Mom puts on this song by Britney Spears called “Womanizer.” The song is actually quite catchy.

So, I come home and go on youtube on my tv.

I watch the video a couple times since then and think….Yup, this is what you can expect from MTV!

Haven’t looked at it since.

Now, all these inappropriate Smut videos are on my TV’s Youtube Recommendations Feed!

Where does Google Get Off!

Rat Bastards!

Get that bullshit off there!

Case in point.

Dr. Oz Sends me an e – mail.

I am like, what the Hell does he want with me?

So, I read it and it says he wants campaign money.


Go ask your Hollywood Producer Friends!

I ain’t no fuckin’ Millionaire!

Now, all I seem to get every other day besides the usual stuff is political give me campaign money emails.

This internet monitoring our searches is retarded now.

At least before, it was stuff we would have been mildly interested in.

Now, we get sent stuff we don’t even remotely want!

Yo! Search engine and youtube software programmers……go to BUCKS COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE and learn to write code more efficiently!

Big Brother…..your slacking off!

Pay attention if your gonna spy on us!

Your driving half alseep!

What;’s next?

I look at a video on how to make Chinese food at home and the next thing you know….JAPANESE Porno FILMS are gonna pop up!

What the fuck are you tech people smoking?

Go home, take a nap and come back with a fresh mind.

You guys are losing it!

That is all….carry on!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 09 / 22 / 2022

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2022

Why society wants to walk like a peacock nowadays!

So it’s the 1990s, music is better than ever! Korn, Coal Chamber …..and PANTERA!!!!

Comic books are now cool for all ages!

Spawn, Witchblade and THE CROW! Rules The Earth!

Wolverine is tough as nails and takes no shit from anybody!

He talks like a red neck and shows no mercy!

It is cool and we admit it!

Then, the 2000s come.

Wolverine’s mask has shorter ears in the comics now.

Wolvie won’t fight much no more!

Hugh Jackman gives us a Wolverine that is not as tough as we expected.

Tough, but he is not The Animated Series Wolveirine.

That is for sure.

Nu Metal as they now call it is supposedly dead.

Now, everyone loves Death Metal!


Artists became second class citizens and writers now are what people pretend to love.

What the fuck happened?

In the 90s, our parents worked in offices.

If you told your folks you wanted to be in a band or draw

comics for a living……you were grounded for a month!!!!

People thought pretending to be sophisticated made them the office hero.

If you pumped your kid full of toxic ADD Meds you were promoted to CEO!

So, we loved what our parents hate.

Kids have always liked what is cool…..until now!!!!

Now, kids bash artists like Rob Liefeld and Mike Turner.

Calling them bad artist!

While our generation worshipped them and became artists because of them!

They say 90s videogames are shit and as a result,…..all the most popular characters in Playstation history either suck now or were killed off!

Remember, Sweet Tooth The Clown?

Wasn’t he cool?!

Kids today wont admit that!


Because their parents were sent to the most expensive colleges their grandparents could afford to study accounting.

Now, their are more accountants than accounting jobs to go around.

Office Work has been outsourced to Europe and India.

So what do kids and entertainment companies do today?

Copy their Grandparents!

They make characters less interesting and more “SOPHISTICATED.”

Have you seen videogames today?

They suck!

They ditched cartoony graphics and have no more rock bands on the soundtrack!

PSX and PS2 were the best gaming machines ever!

Dreamcast ruled too!

Now today, Lara Croft is dead and her daughter who doesn’t like fighting took her place.

The new game failed terribly as did the 2016 movie.

In the 90s, most Tomb Raider fans were girls.

Men only liked it to make Lara climb up real high and make her fall to her death.

Girls beat the game!

I am one of the few dudes I know who beat the game!

It was cool!

The only women who hated it were reporters.

Women who slept to the top of FOX and ABC are mad because

their husbands left them to propose to Angelina Jolie on the net!

Or at a press conference.

Jealousy was the only haters of Lara Croft!

Most of Lara’s fans were girls!

Same Story with Xena Warrior Princess!

Have you been to Xena Con?

It is all girls in attendance!!!!!!

So, female reporters hate them because Lara didn’t have

to marry nobody to get to the top of entertainment.

She did it by kicking bad guy butt unlike

the snooty reporter women.

So now, kids see our Generation X selves.

We graduated college only to end up working at Burger King because office work is dead in the USA!

College is almost dead!

Lowest attendance numbers in US History!

So, Hollywood and the trolls online figure “If I pretend to be like my Grandparents, I will make the same money they did when I grow up!”

Not true, but, they think it is.

Entertainment companies scorn the 90s.

Because the senior citizens who run them want the money of 1997 without the workload of 1997!

So now everything is watered down!

Videogames look exactly like reality.

Whatever happened to escapism and relief from the pressure of life?!

People think pretending to be high society will make them rich.

Got news for ya.

Rich People and Royalty are just rednecks with money.

Rich people marry their step uncle’s daughters and make babies.

So do red necks.

But Red Necks do it out of love and not status.

A red neck does not get paid to marry his cousin.

A yuppie does!

So why do we care what these people do?

Because they wanna get a good job after high school.

They don’t want the job rejection we usually get even with a degree.


High Society is not what you think it is!

Like what YOU WANT TO LIKE!!!!


Also, any job that requires an education is hard to get.

Or at least one with skills is.

So study or learn to do what YOU WANT!

It is your life and there are no longer any guarantees in ANY JOB FIELD!



No Fake Shit!

BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all I am saying here!

That is all…Carry On!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 08 / 23 / 2022

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2022

Why asking someone else to buy and deliver something for you can give you a red face!

So, there you are. You need something.

It is kind of an embarrassing purchase.

So you get it online.

But when you call the service that has a policy similar to “IF IT DON’T EATS…DON”T EATS IT!”

Then, the girl comes to the door and some really studly guy

says “Hi, are you the one who ordered the wonder bra?”

The girl says yes very scraggly and cries uncontrollably after the guy leaves.

Some guy wants viagra for his date with his girlfriend cause

he wants her to think he has a gigantic dick.

Something happens to their realationship He breaks up with his girlfriend on the phone.

The delivery girl who looks like Megan Fox comes t the door and says

“Just because I delivered this does not mean I am your girlfriend. Here is your erectile

enhancers …. limp dick!”

Guess he should have checked who he was speed dialing before the delivery girl showed up.

So where did these people go wrong?

These services are NOT Amazon or Ebay!

The delivery person never knows what you purchased.

BUT, Uber Eats and like services has a delivery person go to the store and actually buy it FOR YOU!!!!!

Girls, do you want a guy going to Victoria’s Secret to buy your underwear?

They have services for that I am sure.

Some people are too busy or stupid to see who the delivery person is before they click “PURCHASE”

It is the equivalent of saying “I have a date tonight. Please get me some liquor and a box of condoms…thanks Mom!”

With Amazon and Ebay….it is usually something you cannot buy

in the real world physical place stores anyways.

So you got it online cause you needed it.

But that shit is packed by someone wearing gloves who has no idea who you are.

Uber Eats has people go to the store and pick it out for you!

….and now it is more than just food.

…..and some services will buy underwear and other embarrassing products….for you!

So you know what?

The mandates for Corona Virus are over!

Get off your ass and go to the fucking store yourself!

Lose some pandemic weight by shopping in a store and walking …. and buy your own fucking viagra!


Am I right America?!

…and…. as always … ROCK ON!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

This was Completed On: August 5th,, 2022

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2022

Why treating the younger generation better than we were treated growing up is a good thing.

I am not a parent.

But, I am an Uncle of three!

So, here is the scenario most people can relate to.

A parent is playing videogames with their kid.

The kid is whipping their butt in the game.

The kid says “Wow Mom, you don’t play videogames good.”

The Mom is like, “I washed your clothes and made you dinner. I kicked butt!”

The kid laughs and the Mother pats him on the head and says “Good Job Son!”

Now, the older generation has jerks just like any other generation who are not as nice as the Mom in the scenario.

“He sucks at sports so they give him a trophy? He ain’t learnin nuthin!”

Now, did that bullshit do any good when we were kids?

Granted, kids need to learn they can lose….but nowadays, Kids in High School are taught it is okay to fail sometimes.

Did we ever learn that in school?


Here is a couple examples of my experience as a kid

I was in an acting camp for four years.

I did Cinderella where I was a mouse and a Towns – Person.


I was part of the Beautiful City in Godspell.

The last year, the Director got some of us in a room and said “Now I know you kids have been in this for a while.

She points to me and says “What’s it been Ryan, Four years?”

I nod yes.

She says “But this year this is about selling tickets….not teaching you retards how to wipe your asses. Your out of my production. I don’t need your lack of talent costing me a REAL career on Broadway! Get out!”

She told me afterwards that I was a good actor but too ugly to be a leading man.

She said looks were more important than talent.

Keep in mind, this was part of a public school summer program that did plays open to the public.

When we did Godspell, reporters from the NEW YORK TIMES came to see it as some of the actors were getting discovered.

So the bitch got an ego thinking it was her directorial skills that got us noticed.

Sorry bitch, it had nuthin’ to do with you!

I never acted again.

Have no desire to either.

Then, college, an art teacher kicked me out of her class claiming I was not talented.

I retook the class with a different teacher a year later and passed with a B + !

So the woman teacher was just a shitty teacher.

In high school we were taught we had to make money or we were not true Americans.

We were taught failure wasn’t an option.

So, getting back to kids today.

Teaching children it is okay to fail from time to time while teaching them they can fail… far more important than over – pampering them OR, Worse, giving them the redneck bullshit we were taught as children!

So, you tell the kid they did good for their self esteem once in a while!

Looking forward, it will create more confidence in them to go to college and start careers instead of becoming jailed or a drug addict like some of my high school graduating class.

Be realistic, just don’t be mean!

Kids have feelings too!

That is all I am saying here!

…and….as always….ROCK ON!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 07 / 23/ 2022

This is Copyright: July 23rd, 2022

The Media needs to prioritise their shit!

This is hilarious!

A band nobody has heard of cancels a festival

appearance and suddenly it is a major catastrophe!

Have you heard of Rainbow Kitten Surprise?

Me neither.

Europe is at war…..a new weaker, but way more contagious

strain of the Corona Virus is here…..but

Rainbow Kitten Surprise tickets are now worthless!

That’s right, a punk band names as if they were rich liberals form Beverly Hills

cancelled their appearance in somebody else’s show!

Lets all cry together America!

The media really is a fucking joke!

This Post Was Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 07 / 14 / 2022

This Post is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2022