Who is you? How do we find out what it is we wanna do in life? Here is my story. I hope it helps you on your way!

All my life, people have told me ideas of what they want me to be or thought I want to be.

You should be an actor, a poet, a wrestler, Painter, even a Mcdonalds District Manager.

Seriously, I was in special Ed in high school. We were told to apply for work there after graduation.

I said fuck that and went to Computer Engineering School. I told my guidance councilor in high school I wanted to be an artist!

The school said “There is no money in that! Go to technical college for computer engineering. That is creative, that makes money!”

After five weeks, I flunked out and ended up working crappie job after crappie job.

So I did art school for like, ever!

Some people said, you should be a fine artist. Nobody will hire you for your cartoons.

Others said, be a computer animator. They make the money.

So after a while I was like to myself “WHO BE YOU?!”

Who does RYAN want to be?

So I realized I loved fine art and cartooning and writeg poetry and short stories and screenplays.

So why pigeonhole in anything?

I was like, “WHO BE YOU?!”

I am Ryan Soliwoda!

Writer Artist and Public Speaker in many ways!

I don’t just do one thing…I do all I am interested in!

That’s who be me!

I even write song lyrics now!

Cause I love music!

I don’t care if I ever get published!

I do art for ME!!!!!!

So I ask you?


Look deep down inside.

Decide what it is you always wanted to do.

Regardless if you think you have the talent for it.

Just because it is not a paid career does not mean you can’t do it!

If you wanna sing….sing and post it online!

No record deal required!

You wanna write……write!

You wanna paint, go for it!

You may not be Van Gogh at first.

So what?

Like the shoe commercials say “JUST DO IT!’

So I ask you, “WHO BE YOU?”

Look hard and be honest with yourself!

you will find the way!


Not anybody else’s!


So be you…..YOUR WAY!!!!!!!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 10 / 07 / 2020

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020

For those who think they have to be a paid professional to create art! It’s not true! Do your art because it is who you are!!!!!!

STATEMENT: To anybody who sees interviews with book publishers, comic book illustrators or musicians who are famous and they say…..

“You have to get better! You have to improve! You have to be the best!”

I say WHOA!

Slow down!

If you are a writer or artist or musician, Etc.

….and you continue to create art……you will get better by accident!

Just do your art because it makes you happy!

Do it YOUR way!!!

If the art companies or publishers 

don’t like it….screw them!

If you create art……you are an artist!

Make no mistake about that!

Improvement comes from creating!

You don’t have to be a slave to some 

business jackass just to create art!

If you create art……your an artist!


Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 10 / 03 / 2020

This Is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020

Why does Alexa from Amazon have commercials now?

So, I ask Alexa the date and after she explains what day it is, she says “Also, it’s never too late to live healthier….ask me about Vitamin World Products!”


Now I get commercials on my tv Alexa?

This is like my constant e-mails from NIKKI BAILY and NIKKI HALEY.

Why can’t I fuckin’ have Nikki Bella from WWE text me?

Plus, some of these political services tell you to vote for one candidate in one text….and his opponent the other text…..from the same person!!!!


What’s next?

You go to McDonalds and order from Burger King?

Too Late!

Burger King has an app you can order over the phone.

….and they encourage their customers to order from McDonald’s Parking Lot!

Does Trump own Mickey D’s and Biden Owns Burger King?

You know?

Biden’s Burgers?


I bet Bob from tv’s “BOB’S BURGERS” is not happy about that!


Enjoy your weekend people!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 09 /13 / 2020

This Is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020


From skinny little actor to Big Weight Lifter,

Martial Arts guy and

Writer among many things!

The Story of Ryan Soliwoda!

So there I am.

An actor in summer camp.

I didn’t fit in.

Lots of people hated me for my talent.

So many in fact that I found it difficult to find that

some people liked me.

Kinda hard when you have ADD.

I was good in the plays I was in.

Sadly, I hated it.

I can’t sing or dance and every summer

we did a damn musical.

The third year, the Director fired me.

She said I had the talent of a leading man,

but was too ugly to be one.

My acting career was over.

So then, came high school.

Lots of bullies there.

…and not all the teachers were quick to

defend a good kid.

Schools have politics.

Everyone climbing the ladder to the coveted

position of PRINCIPAL.

Hence, more salary!

Made some good friends there.

I even joined the school’s

after school weight lifting program.

I trained with Coach Sam Bates.

…and A fellow student named Jim.

They taught me a lot.

So then it came, Graduation.

Everyone was there.

My Dad even waited for me on

the field in the stadium.

He was so proud.

My Mom and siblings in the stands.

That diploma meant one thing….ESCAPE FROM HELL!!!

Little did I know, more problems would follow.

Some of my teachers convinced me to

get off my ADD Medication

Claiming it was not healthy..

So after a nervous breakdown.

We met a Doctor at a Mental Health Clinic.

The Doctor had me properly tested for my disabilities.

So after that, I went to work for many crappie jobs.

They all sucked!

Makeup factory where the supervisors

don’t speak English.

Pushing Carts and Scrubbing Toilets at the

Philadelphia Wal-Mart.

Even Selling Boat Parts at West Marine.

 A surprisingly hostile job.

So, after the boating company screwed

me out of a management position.


I am going to college!!!!!!”

I did tons of stuff at Bucks County

Community College.

Visual Art, Charcoal Drawing, Poetry, Graphic

Design and Public Speaking among other things.

Even met some girls who liked me.

I almost ended up having a romantic

relationship. with said girl each time.

But both times, the same thing happened.

Sadly, they transferred after they graduated.

So no relationship.

Things just happen is all.

I made good friends there too.

After Bucks, I transferred to the

SEUFERT School of Art!

I studied, Cartooning , poster design and chalk

pastel painting.

So now,, I am a Writer, Artist and Public Speaker.

I have kept up the exercise for over 21 years now.

Met some great trainers.

Looking back, other things besides weight

lifting happened in High School.

I met my Boys.

Ese O. Ben O. and Mike Campos.

We used to hang out inside and outside of school

True Friendship.

So here we are, I am gonna be 38 in January

and have a lot to be proud of!

..and you know what?

I no longer think about revenge on those

who wronged me.

The plan after high school was to go study

computer engineering and move to Los Angeles.

I wanted to invent something that changed

Hollywood CGI forever!

I wanted to do an E! True Hollywood Special.

Silencing all my haters.

Then, I grew up and realized that revenge

was not what life was all about.

Being happy is the only REAL Revenge!!!!!

So Below is a Picture I illustrated in CG of my and my Boys,

Ese, Ben and Mike Campos.


…and remember, life is never about revenge!

Life is about living!

So go live!!!!

What is your Story?

Tell it to the world!

..and…as always, ROCK ON!!!!

Me and My boys!

What will we do when we can go outside for other than work again? Read Below…..

Will we grow closer or farther away

From Each Other

after this crisis?


Ryan Hart Soliwoda

So here we are.

Sickness and Government have us locked

 in our homes.

We miss each other.

No more hugs and kisses other

than from those we live with.

We are so sad and lonely.

Desperately reaching out to

each other any way possible.

But is sickness the only thing?

We buried our faces in

tablets and phones and lap  

tops far before this Virus incident started .

Less and Less People getting dates

not set up online.

The loneliness grows and we fall

farther into the dark.

What will happen when we are all given

the medicine that will protect us

from getting sick from what

 is outside right now?

Will we delve deeper into

self isolation?

Or say

“Damnit! I cannot stand no more!

I am going to the mall and talk to people.

 Eat lunch in public.

Talk to people at the bus depot

and train station!

No more loneliness for me!”

I don’t know about you,

but that is my plan!

No more loneliness for me!

Am I a Dinosaur for saying so?

Well, if you agree then I have one

word for you!


Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 07 / 27 / 2020

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020

I know Father’s Day is later this month! But, My Dad was so special, I decided to write and post his gift early! Here it is!




My Father is a courageous man!

After High School, he enlisted in

the United States Navy!

He spent five years defending our country

on a destroyer ship!

Afterwards, he went to work at a steel mill

and studied AIKIDO.

Japanese martial arts.

He even roadied for a local rock

band for a while.

One day,

A lovely, young lady

became his student

at the DOJO.

Her name was Bonnie and after years of getting to know each other, they fell in love!

Meanwhile, he met some people and they wanted him to move to Japan to become a professional martial arts guy.

Somebody changed his mind.


My Mom was pregnant with me and they could not be more proud!

My Sister, Rochelle, was born three and a half years later. More happiness.

My Father worked for Peco Energy as an electrical engineer for nearly thirty years.

After he had to retire,, I graduated high school. I was attending a local technical school and he asked if I wanted to live with him so I could get to school easier since by this point, he was retired completely and had time to care for me.

The tech school did not work out.

However, after many bad jobs, (Which he was proud of me for wanting to work and learn the value of a dollar.)

I did everything from scrubbing toilets and pushing carts at Wal-Mart to selling boat parts at West Marine.

None of those jobs were any good.

Then, I started college for art and writing.

Little did I know I would find out this made him happy shortly later.

You see, at that very time, Dad came down with Cancer.

He was given three weeks to live.

The Doctor said that keeping a positive attitude he would live longer.

Who made that happen?….his lovely Grandaughter!


He lived 18 months because his little girl made him feel good!

Every time Rochelle, my sister, brought Kendra over, Dad showed the biggest smile I ever saw him show!

She saved his life for a long time!

Then, in September of 2009.

Dad was assassinated by the cancer.

Fox Chase did all the could to keep him alive. Sadness hit us all!

I actually cried for him at his funeral!

I never cry…..ever!!!!

Never told anyone that before!

Shortly thereafter, as I was moving out of my Dad’;s apartment into my Mom’s house. Before I left for Mom’s, I had lunch at Aldo’s Pizza on street road. Aldo, the then owner told me a story. “Man, your Dad was so proud of you. He came in bragging that you left that fuckin’ boat store. He is a Bucks Community College Man Now!” I told Aldo that my Dad never curses. Aldo agreed. He never heard that either said and he also said that my Dad was worried about me being miserable at the boat store and was proud of me for leaving to go to school That made me feel good!

We lost much family afterwards too!

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, pets!

I know you were not a huge animal fan Dad, but you became one! My kitty cat Daughter Piper came to live with you and play with her kitty Cat Uncle Jonny Left Eye! All the alnimals I know came to you for love and care! You take care of them and we love you for it! You are the greatest man who ever lived!

So to John Soliwoda Jr. MY Poppa…..Happy Father’s Day! I love you!


Your Loving Son,

Ryan Hart Soliwoda

This was written By:

Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 06/03/2020

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020

How poetry affects us all and how it can save society! The youtube video for this is at the bottom of this post!

Makes me proud to be a Poet!

He is right too!

Cell-Phones, computers, tablets!

This has made loneliness an epidemic!!!!!!

Everybody wants to date the opposite sex

and make friends too!

But everywhere you go, the bus, the checkout at the supermarket.

Everybody is buried in mobile devices!

Nobody wants to say “Hi, my name is

(Your name here!)

what is your name?”

Nobody does that anymore!

This is why people want love and romance so badly.

Cause we don’t talk to each other!

We talk to our phones.

Poetry speaks of it too!

We need to put the phones away every

now and then!

Cause our soulmates want to talk to us

and we to them!

So, as soon as the Pandemic is over, lets talk

to each other in the real world!

















I’m dropping a new single yo!!!!!

So I contributed to this song.
The way Hit Record does these things, people contribute work and it changes with every contributor.
One person starts it, then somebody changes it a little.
Then another.
Then another.
I contributed a digital painting and lyrics to this!
I don’t remember how much of my stuff was used here.
It’s been a couple months since this project started!
But I did contribute to this song!
So, for the first time ever…I ama published lyricist.
Keep in mind though I can’t remember which lyrics are mine and what has been changed.
My painting was changed here too!
Basically, somebdy did their own version of my idea by making a whole new painting.
I was given full credit for my contributions!
So, enjoy!
P. S . Warning: Adult Imagery and Lyrics!

Happy Mommie’s Day 2020!

Hi Mommy, it has been a while!

Remember me?

Princess Phoebe.jpg

So, in two days, it is Mother’s Day!

Brother said I could do it this year since last year, I helped him with a Poem while Samantha and Ben did last years Mommie’s Day.

So, things have changed a little bit.

I helped Brother’s Cat Piper find Heaven.

She loves it here!

Her and Boy Cat are attached at the hip sort of.

Jonny Left Eye is the happiest uncle ever!

Sometimes, Ben and Piper lay on the couch and watch me and Jonny Wrestle.

Sometimes I let him win.

He is such a nice cat!

Heaven is wonderful!

Monday Until Friday Me and Ben meet Samantha and Ewok in the park

to swim in the Lake of Eternity.

So that has not changed.

Samantha lays and watches us swim.

She loves the sun!

Then, after chasing squirrels for a couple hours,

it is biscuit time at the pet store.

God, I love it up here!

I do miss you though.

Walking me and petting me and holding me.

Making me feel loved!

Then, when you went places, brother took me out back and gave me biscuits.

I love Brother!

He s your son after all.

My life was made wonderful by you!

You made me so happy!

I know I dd the same for you!

I really do love you!

Everything is under control up here.

Grandpop says every night when we come to sleep on the porch swings…..

“It’s a Zoo in this house!”

He really does love us though.

He won’t admit it, but, he does!

Me and Ben visit Momom and Popop every Saturday

and Sunday Morning.

We spend the after noons with Great Grandmom and

Great Grandpop in the weekend afternoons.

Everybody is on the back porch over iced tea at Grandpop’s house.

They seem to like us okay.

They always pet us whenever they visit Grandpop.

Jonny is the favorite I think.

He looks for attention all the time.

He is so funny!

So as you can tell, you have nothing to worry about.

You can just go about your life for the rest of your life.

We got it all secure up here in Heaven.

So now, all you need to worry about….is having


Also, I know today is your birthday!

Happy Birthday Mommie!

I love you!!!!!

Samantha, Ewok, Ben and Grandpop all say hi!

Along with everyone else up here!


Happy Birthday today and Mommie’s Day this Sunday!


Princess Phoebe!

….and Brother!!!!!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda and Princess Phoebe the Miniature Schnauzer!!!!

Cutest Dog on Earth!

Completed On: 05 / 08 / 2020

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020

Happy Birthday Bube! A Present From Piper!

Piper The Little Cutie.jpg

Bube, this is your

Grandaughter Piper!

It has come to this cat’s attention that four days

from now is the day of your birth

celebrated today as an anniversary.

Daddy calls it a “BIRTHDAY.”

I wanted to talk about the life

you and Daddy gave me.

In 2006, Jonny Left Eye,

Who I call “Boy Cat.”

Died when his heart

stopped working.

At that time, I was living

on the street.

I was rescued and given to you.

But you had 2 cats and a dog already.

So you showed me to Daddy

and he took me in.

Then, in 2009, Grandpop

died of Cancer.

Daddy and I moved in with

you immediately.

It was hard, but, you and Daddy

made sure I was okay.

Daddy was in college for

art all the time.

He’d be gone 15 hours daily!

You always made sure

I was taken care of!

Then, nearly two years ago.

You saw lumps in my stomach and

took me to the Cat Hospital.

The surgery was long.

When you brought me home, Daddy

spent two days making sure I did not

bump into anything.

Then, I slept off the pain medication.

You always made sure I was fed

when daddy couldn’t.

He was home most of the time but went

to this place called “the gym “ twice a week.

My needs were met by you while he was gone.

Then, almost a year ago.

The lumps came back.


This time, in my throat.

That was it for me.

The vet could do nothing.

Daddy didn’t cry at first.

He is used to being strong for

everybody else when

somebody dies.

It was different for him this time.

I am his kitty cat Daughter.

So one night, I appeared over his bed.

Other Cat came up and I don’t

know who cried more!

Daddy or Other Cat!

You call her “Penelope.”

I call her “Other Cat.”

Life is confusing enough, so,

I make it simple.

Anyway, it was a beautiful moment for me

and Other Cat and Daddy!

I miss you guys and I love you!

Thank You Bube for everything!

Happy Birthday!

…and Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!!!!

I love you and I miss you!




Piper Soliwoda

Your Grandcat!

I love You and Daddy

and Other Cat!

Boy Cat and the dogs say hi!


Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda and Piper Soliwoda

Completed On: May 5th, 2020

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2020