For My Sister!

Happy Birthday To Stephanie!

My Beautiful Sister!


Ryan Hart Soliwoda

So it is 1991,

My parents split up!

Not a happy time as I did not know of it

till I woke up one day and was told we were

moving and found out the rest later.

My Mom loved my Dad so much.

Sometimes things change.

But she still thinks the world of him.

Things just changed was all.

I should also mention before

I go on what  a

nice friendship you had with my Dad.

He was awesome wasn’t he?

But, back in ’91,

My Mom finds a new guy.

Your Dad!

A little tough for a while but things

got better and progressed.

Always one constant in this new family

set up besides my Mom, Bonnie and Sister Rochelle.

That was you!

I had a little crush on you when we first met and

you always reminded me what a handsome guy I am.

To this day, whenever I mention I

wanna meet my soul-mate.

You always say,

“Sweetie, you don’t need a girlfriend,

you can just marry me!”

Always reminding me you love me by doing that!

We even like some of the same tv shows.

The Girls Next Store.

All the WWE Divas Shows.

Then, you find your mate.

Mr. Howard Cusick.

A cool dude!

How can anybody not like Howard?

He is awesome!

Things get real good from there.

We get closer as adults.

You always show me the same

love and compassion.

…and for just a second,

I do like your friend Mindy.

She is also gorgeous!

When you tried to set us up in the 90s I

was too young and too shy!

Mindy is cool, I miss her!

Anyways, things came about to

another wonderful surprise.

Rochelle becomes pregnant with Kendra in 2006,

An hour later, we learn you are too!

Kendra and Rae Lynn are born!

First thing I do?

On my break from the West

Marine Boat Store

where I was working

I go to Aldo’s Pizza in the shopping

center for lunch.

Aldo, and his staff were like a family to me!

We go waaay back!

So, I show them the girl’s baby photos.

Little do I know, Diane, who

worked there at the time

was the sister of Uncle Joe Steigerwald.

She was the first person to see the photos!

Besides my Dad!

What are the odds?!

I had no idea when I showed her the

photos that we were related.

Crazy right?

Then, in 2013, Ryan John,

my Nephew who

is named after me was born.

At this point, My Father, John, had passed away.

So, I am living at Mom’s house at this point.

Three great kids!

Kendra, being our sister Rochelle’s Daughter.

Ryan and Rae Lynn being your kids.

For those reading this poem a

and may be confused.

I knew from my friends at the

gym who have kids how much

women appreciate it when

 family watches

the kids to let you gals take

a well deserved nap once in a while!

So what do I do?

Spoil all three of them!

As long as Mommy and Daddie and Bube

and Papu say it is okay, I do it!


SUSHI CAT on the internet.

You name it, we did it!

You and Mom and Rochelle remind me of

what a great Son, Brother and Uncle I am.

But July 6th is about YOU!

Happy Birthday Stephanie

Costa Cusick!

I Love You!


Your Loving Brother,

Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: July 4th, 2021

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2021

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