Why Even Space Aliens Won’t Tolerate Racism!!!



Ryan Soliwoda

GEEZA: Damn Plutonians! They come here, take up all the good jobs, they go on fuckin’ welfare.

Geeza: …and they park their damn spaceship on my swimming pool!

GEEZA: Take your fishbowl heads back to Pluto!

The news is on national tv.

Mike Jackass: Welcome to Philadelphia tonight, this is Mike Jackass.

Mike Jackass: A racist old local man from the woods….known as “GEEZA”

made a racist comment on this program last night.

This comment had to do with Plutonian visitors who are apparently only here to visit.

Mike Jackass: Geeza was found in his backyard with several anal

probes in his rectal passageway. According to the Medical Team who found him.

One probe was reported to be the size of a basketball.

Mike Jackass: It was also reported that on his roof were the words “SCREW YOU, RACIST OLD DICK-HEAD!”

Painted in red spray paint!!!!

Which the visitors put on this roof before they flew away.

Mike Jackass: Mr. Geeza is in a slow recovery in the ER in ARIA HOSPITAL.

MIKE JACKASS: Preisdent Biden has stated that racism will not be tolerated in America….EVER!

I’m Mike Jackass…..good night!

Written By; Ryan Soliwoda

Completed On: July 21st. 2021

This is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2021

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