VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!




I wanna be your President!

First off.

People are quitting their jobs because

of the abuse from employers is unspeakable.

People are getting stomach ulcers, beaten

shot…all for $7.50 an hour!

How do we stop it?

I will re-instate the labor unions!

Full power to the labor bureau!

Nobody picks on our workers!


Co Pay for seniors and disabled Americans

on Medicare is a disgrace!

The whole point of being retired is

so you don’t have to have co pay!

On another note,

Too many criminals in prisons.

What do we do!

Put them to work!

The Army Core of Engineers have invented

a time machine!

The prisoners will be forced to build it and we can

use it to bring back the Dinosaurs.

The Dinos can fight in wars wearing bulletproof armor.

Who needs nukes with Brontosauruses and Raptors?

Fred Flintstone did alright!


TV shows bullying millenials!

California needs to learn that the rest of

the young world works for a living!

Los Angels is less than one percent

of young America!

I will fine advertisers and TV station half

a million dollars every time a commercial

or TV show says all young people are lazy!

Cause it ain’t true!

The Dinosaurs can rampage through Los Angeles!

That will teach those corporate bastards

for abusing our children and seniors!

Full rights to the workers!

Bring back worker’s benefits!

….or I’ll send a brontosaurs heard after

you corporate fat cats!

Lets make college degrees valuable again!

Lower the cost of student loans!

If you get a college education, you should get

a fair shot at a good job.

You should be hired based on your education

and experience and a good, positive can do attitude!

Not who the owner’s son is!

…and damnit….end degree inflation!

Not every job needs a degree!

Who needs a degree to run McDonalds?!

In the 80s, if you went on the apprenticeship

program… ended up owning your

own McDonalds and became an executive

for the corporate branch…..with a high school degree!

So, vote for Ryan Cinch as your next

write in vote President!

Let The United States Be Reborn!

Lets Make America Rich Again!

Note: The Author of this article has not

registered to run for President.

Write In Votes are a must!

The following, while some of it based

on facts….is a work a of humor!

However, if you want to vote for the author

for President…he is game!!!

Written By: Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Completed On: 10 / 13 / 2021

This Is Copyright: Ryan Hart Soliwoda 2021

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